The sun was shining outside, today was the first real day of the spring. You can finally feel the warmth of the sun gently touching down your back. I was enjoying leftover birthday cake and a strong espresso in the kitchen, looking around the office enjoying a moment of silence.

Then I saw the little devil staring straight into my eyes while laying down a poop in the middle of the room again. Not a care in the word, just pooping and starting, mocking me with every shiver of his body caused by the straining of his muscles, struggling to push the last bit of poop out of his tiny asshole.

Hadesz pooping right before the director of the office

My coffee break was ruined, the sweetness of the cake turned into bitterness and anger as I quickly rose up from my seat to make a photo, finally - after all these months - catch him in the act.

I kinda did.

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